Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Reader Submissions

I've had a lot of people write me lately with links to their videos, and for various reasons they aren't quite right (Cause most aren't Quicktime or attached to their own website or my work blocks them) for a Monday-Friday post, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch them, so click and enjoy.

Downriver Skate Media hails from Michigan with an Arizona montage.

Morley Musick let me know about Skate Video from Chicago.

Eric Spicely let me know about a video he is in called Idiosyncrasies.

Johnny Gomez wrote to say his video Have Love Will Travel is on YouTube.

I got this District Movement trailer back in May, Sorry.

Sean Dahlberg wrote to let me know that Academy Skatepark has tons of good videos on their video page.

1 comment:

HeadlessMonster said...

DAGNABBIT! Out of all these clips, I can only view the skatepark footage 'cause my dumbass work be all blockin'! Skatepark footage. Ugh. I'm gonna go eat worms now.