Friday, July 10, 2009

Anti Gravity is Good

After trashing Skate High pretty hard a while back I felt like I should say that Anti-Gravity in Newport News, VA is awesome. The course is layer out really well with plenty of room. Everything is built really well. Skate High should hire whoever did this park to redesign theirs. The park is a bit slippery, but I got used to it after a while. For the 7-10PM session you don't even have to wear a helmet. MostlySkateboarding gives Anti-Gravity a resounding endorsement. Check the Dominion dudes killing it at Anti-Gravity.


HeadlessMonster said...

Place looks hecka fun...except for the helmet deal.

K3 said...

Wait, where do you live? Somewhere in Hampton Roads I take it? Just wondering cuz I live in Williamsburg and I've skated Antigravity when they had moved out of WISC and into a warehouse near where I live and then the landlords I guess gave them a hardtime setting up shop so they moved to Newport News. Sucks for me...I haven't been to the park since they moved to NN.

Still Skateboarding

Templeton said...

I live in Norfolk. If you've got spots up there, let me know, cause we're hurting down in this area.

As far as helmets, we didn't have to wear them for the 7-10PM session.