Sunday, June 30, 2024

Everything Is Normal and the Skate/Fashion Connection. June 30, 2024. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast.

This week, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason From Frozen In Carbonite are talking about Polar's Japan-centric video, Everything Is Normal and the skate/fashion connection. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Shin Sanbongi adidas Campus
Hidetoshi Nakata (The Japanese David Beckham)
Treason - Naked Raygun
Edina on Absolutely Fabulous
Noah Johnson's GQ article

This week, Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, Bobby DeKeyser’s instagram part, The New York Mets (W3 8-2), Ryuhei Katazume’s Lenz III part
Patrick is stoked on Spitfire Wheels, NBA Draft, Tyshawn adidas, and Mario Rubalcaba on the Turned Out A Punk Podcast.
Templeton is stoked on 2001 Magazine and Chris Wimer’s new Virginia-centric video part.

1 comment:

Justin said...

Seven years to make? Are we back to the Fully Flared/Yeah Right era?

Maybe it speaks to how there haven't been major changes in skateboarding over the last decade. It's not like the shift from 1991 to 1993. We're also so swamped with content that a clip from five years ago will still register as fresh because you never saw it the first time.

I don't think Polar really needs a second board brand. They don't have that many pros, not enough to warrant another board line. The company is kind of independent of any one signature pro so the roster can stay fluid. That helps for overall longevity. I do miss the Michal Juraś, Jerome Campbell, etc. days.

Don't cyclists get routinely taken out during the Tour de France?

Mario rode for Alva/New School/ATM Click. He had a short part in the Physics Wheels video, too.

I think I understand the fashion stuff, but it's not something I'm overly interested in per se. I'm not into the whole big name brands/fashion houses fan club. Cool sometimes, but not for me. I make sure I don't dress stupidly whenever I go anywhere so there's that, I suppose.

Hope everybody had a good holiday.