Sunday, March 17, 2024

Trade Talk and Antihero's UK Trip. March 17, 2024. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast.

This week, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason From Frozen In Carbonite talk about recent team changes and Antihero's UK trip. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Antonio Durao's Jenkem interview
Peter From Bronze on LinkedIn
TJ Rogers' Sk8Mafia welcome video
TJ Rogers' Drake graphic

This week, Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, the NYC Courthouse episode of This Old Ledge, and Tom Snape footage in Portiions and Toxic Positivity
Patrick is stoked on Spitfire Wheels, the song Dust by Last Tide, Overland from Evison, building a shed, Board to Death a Scottish skate podcast, and St Patrick’s Day.
Templeton is stoked on better weather and Crawford’s golden birthday.

1 comment:

Justin said...

The ultimate duo power movers: Heath and Berra on Birdhouse and then Alien.

I like the vagueness of Hardbody, but that also irks me a little since it is so vague. If that makes sense. The website is good. I figure Hjalte needed a change of scenery. It was a tad surprising he left Polar. I'm happy Antonio has a board sponsor that fits him. He's a NYC dude so he should be on a NYC hipster brand.

Polar has been running wheel wells for a long time now.

I need to start calling England Turbo Island.

Anti-Hero was launched in the summer/fall of 1995. I think the appeal for the older dudes is the team with Julien, Cards, etc. I don't feel tough enough to ride an Anti-Hero board.

People buy and ride Creature. They have a solid following. I think it might have kind of faded a little recently. The Creature reboot in the mid 2000s probably could hang with Anti-Hero. Cliché's camping tour crew could also hang with the 18.