Sunday, October 22, 2023

Girl At 30, plus a recent Video Round-Up. October 22, 2023. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast.

This week, Mike Munzenrider, Patrick Kigongo, and Maddie Hazlett are talking about three decades of Girl Skateboards plus videos from Austyn Gillette, Jordan Trahan, Limosine, and Santa Cruz. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

6drop from Limosine
Austyn Gillette's new Globe part
Jordan Trahan's Hurricane Party
F#?! 'em from Santa Cruz

This week, Maddie is stoked on Shag turning pro for There. and her little brother marrying his high school sweetheart! Congrats Ben and Lainey!
Patrick is stoked on Spitfire Wheels, France beating Scotland 4-1, Chelsea vs Arsenal, hoodie and shorts weather in LA, Adam Abada’s part in Perennial the new Kevin Horn / Anomaly Mag video (available for pre-order), b-tier hood movies like Strapped, and new K-Rod footy dropping in a video called Iggy/Sneeze
Mike is stoked on working to nail down a trick he's neglected

1 comment:

Justin said...

I think it's simply a feel good moment to enjoy that Girl is still around.

Baker is slowly creeping up on 25. I doubt anybody saw that coming when they started.

It'd would be different and maybe too niche, but what about retrospective shows for Venture and Spitfire? Real could put together a good one.

Did you see Megan's People I've Known in Thrasher? Amazing.

Santa Cruz naming a video "F#?! Em" is the most Santa Cruz thing they can do. The video was surprisingly good. It was cool to see Eric Dressen, OG Tom Knox, and Salba get clips. I'm not big on The Dot. Old dudes buy the boards for sure.

I kind of wrote Rob Pace off as another rail chomper until I read his interview in the new Thrasher. He's from Australia and apparently was on an Am Scramble trip. Rob works as a metal fabricator at the family business so he has a real job outside of grinding hellish handrails. His name and board graphic looks like some type of 90s or even 00s hardcore band. The spirit of Steve Schneer approves of Erick Winkowski's handplant variations.

The Limosine video was great. You can use cool music in videos and it works fine, none of this "It's not for you crap, dad".

Austyn's part was also great.

I never smoked and had relatives who did so I was aware of how gross it was. When the plague shut down all the bars and I took a break from drinking, the weirdest thing was being around second hand cigarette smoke when I did finally go out again. I did not miss the smoke at all. The graphic designers for cigarettes were on the top of their game. I remember all sorts of random graphics and package designs.

The Kevin Rodriguez clips were awesome to see. I assume they slowed The Replacements music down to avoid copyright issues, but that was the absolute worst thing ever. I had to watch it with the sound muted because it was unlistenable. How did we arrive at a point where slowing down or speeding up music was deemed to be a good idea? I mean I know the history behind slowing down/speeding up music from over the years, but it mostly sounds terrible. The Alex Olson section was oddly uncomfortable. No real idea why. The board graphic they came up with was neat.