Sunday, February 06, 2022

Carhartt and Print Mags. February 6, 2022. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason From Frozen in Carbonite are thinking about new print magazines and Carhartt's new video, Inside Out. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Sophisto's Freedom
Rhianna's pregnancy photo
Felipe Bartelomé's Free interview
Grey's 2020 Carhartt article
Habitat's Mosaic
Vans' Propeller
The article where Lev talks about shooting VHS for Carhartt
Noah Johnson on the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast
Mess Skate Magazine on Soundcloud
Julien Stranger's front board
Adam McNatt's TWS interview
Adam Mcnatt in Evol's Still Life

Templeton is stoked on perscribed stretches from physical therapy. 


Ian said...

Great episode!!! A couple of good print mags, Stoops from NYC and Quit Mag from Vancouver, also Word Zine from Toronto which is distributed free to skate shops.

Justin said...

Adam split to ride for Evol because a friend worked there. I don't think he made the hop when Evol became Arcade. He was on ATM for the longest time. He might even still be on ATM. Wasn't he on Recs after Osiris?

You'd get the gossip from Thrasher's two pages of industry rumors each month. Those pages were kind of cryptic. Transworld had their column, but it was a tad less juicy. Sal Barbier was dishing out the news in 411, too. Big Brother probably did more to expose the inner workings of the skateboard world than anybody else.

I agree there should be more print. I've also reached the point where I've got boxes of 'zines and stacks of mags so adding more is unappealing. Meh.

Magazine subscriptions are getting up there. Art in America is about $120 a year. Artforum is still a reasonable $50-60.

I think the mullets are as real as they were in the 80s. I freelance high school sports photos for the local paper so I've seen a few football and hockey players with mullets. I live in a backwoods podunk town so we sure aren't on the forefront of any fashion trends.

Carhartt helped sponsor Pontus Alv's Strongest of the Strange back in 2005. I need to watch their video, but I doubt I ever will.

“Another skate video completely different from some of the other skate videos which aren’t quite the same as this skate video”