Sunday, October 31, 2021

Farran Golding on Favorite Spots and Mark Suciu. October 31, 2021. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason From Frozen in Carbonite are talking with Farran Golding about his Favorite Spot series with Quartersnacks and about Mark Suciu's new part, Blue Dog. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Quartersnacks' Favorite Spot series
Gilbert Crockett in Old Dominion
Gilbert Crockett's Sun Trust bench ollie
Farran's Gilbert Crocket interview
Maury Blankenship in Dominion 5
Chrome Ball's AVE interview
Guy Mariano in Mouse
Austyn Gillette's LA High fakie flip
Secky Presh = Security Pressure
Andrew Allen's Slam City interview
Gassworks, Joe Gavin's spot doc
Harry Lintell's Northern Grit part
The Haçienda
Henry Sanchez in Sight Unseen
Dennis Busenitz in Since Day One

This week, Farran is stoked on friends who are filmers: Joe Allen's Pétaque, available at The Palamino, Josh Hallett's Paul, and Just Film and Will Smith and Sparrow Knox's Mates.
Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, Dune movie, and the Kalis at Clemente instagram edit.
Patrick is stoked on Spitfire Wheels - Particularly Suciu’s 41 second commercial from 2020, History Was Made At Night, Atlantic Drift “Saint Tom Knox,” Warning Skateshop in South Central Prayers up for Steven Cales. And the Todd Haynes’ Velvet Underground documentary.
Templeton is stoked on Cole Nowicki’s Substack.

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Justin said...

It was cool to learn about the effort that goes into the Favorite Spot series. They probably work better focusing on slightly less popular spots. Everybody has that one place they love that absolutely no one else enjoys skating.

I always think of Jason Dill when I think of the brick banks at LA High. Mainly from Mosaic and Skate More. Although the spot's real owner is probably a toss up between Spanky and Andrew Allen.

I checked out some of the Atlantic Drift stuff. I'll have to remember to keep up with them going forward. I kind of knew the Russia trip from the corresponding Thrasher article.

I thought it might be the same Front. I think they had an ad with Kyla Duffy snowboarding. She rode vert and skated for Rookie. I might not be positive on that.