Sunday, December 20, 2020

Extra Phat Superlatives. December 20, 2020. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week, the whole crew, Templeton Elliott, Mike Munzenrider, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason from Frozen In Carbonite get together to shout-out the best of 2020 in the Extra Phat Superlatives edition of the show. Listen here and subscribe in iTunes or Spotify.

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2020 Best Am - Cark Aikens
2020 Best Pro - Louie Lopez, Ishod Wair
2020 Worst Car - Elija Berle's Porsche SUV
2020 Favorite 40+ year-old skater - Josh Kalis
2020 Best New Brand - Glue Skateboards
2020 Video part Of The Year - Alexis Sablone -Seize The Seconds, Franky Vilani - One Big Mess, Roman Lisivki - Rome, Cyrus Bennett - John's Video
2020 Best Video - John's Video
2020 Best Music Supervision - Statue's City Paper, Mason Silva's Nike SB part, Jamie Foy - Uncrossed, Primitive - Call Waiting, Noah - Jolie Rouge
2020 Best Dressed - Lucas Puig, Kevin Bradley, Josh Kalis
Prayers Up - Kevin Wilkins
2020 Best Board Graphic - Alexis Sablone - Alltimers, Palace NHS series, Mason Silva Manhattan Beach Smoke Stack
2020 Best Spot Porn - Ben Chardorne's Firesides
Feel Good Movie Of The Year- Credits
Best Of The Midwest - Nick Matthews
Favorite Mostly Skateboarding Guest I Wasn’t On With - Matt Price
Don't Forget - Dakota Servold's line in Emerica's Green
2020 Best Scene - Richmond, VA. Biarritz, France.
Biggest Tease - Alex Olsen
2020 Best Filmer - Naquan Rollings
2020 Best DIY - Kumpala, Uganda
2020 Black Excellence Award - Jahmir Brown, Kevin Bradley
2020 Mostly Skateboarding Skater Of The Year - Alexis Sablone

Mike is stoked on the prospect of international travel on the horizon adn the cashmere beanie he just got.
Patrick is stoked on the last night of Hanukkah. Spitfire Wheels and folks at Deluxe SF. Mason winning SOTY, end of Guru N’Dea Davenport “Trust Me” 411 Video Magazine Issue 9.
Templeton is stoked on Mostly Skateboarding’s mention on Thrasher’s A Skateboarder’s Guide To The Internet. Big thanks to Ted Schmitz for including us. Also the RVCA Australia in New Zealand video. Also an upcoming Nike SB Australia video. 

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