Sunday, September 20, 2020

Lucas Puig and Alien Workshop. September 20, 2020. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week on the show, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason from Frozen In Carbonite are talking about Lucas Puig's new part for his new adidas shoe and the Alien Workshop since they just added Darius King to the team. Listen below and subscribe in iTunes or Spotify.

Jacky Biarritz
Puig's Jenkem Interview
The Palace version of Puig's new shoe
Sneaker Freaker piece on Puig's new shoe
Sergio Tacchini Tracksuits
Hillsborough Disaster
Hysel Disaster
Puig's latest Hélas part
PJ Ladd on Instagram
Palace X Juventes
Cat's Paw Saloon
Resumé The Cliché book
Sour Skateboards
Antiz Skateboards
Jart Skateboards
Andelé Bearings
Darkstar section from Rodney vs Daewon 2
Jeremy Wray in The Revolution
G&S Footage
Alien Workshop's Cinematographer Project section
Benny Maglinao
Chris Carter Chrome Ball Interview
Quasi Skateboards
Darius King riding AWS boards 7 years ago
Dill & AVE leave Alien Workshop
Memory Screen
Alien Workshop 411 Industry Section
Seek Skateboards (This video is pretty nerdy, but seems to cover it pretty well)
Plan B Superfuture
Chris Cole back on Zero
Iron Madain Live After Death

This week, Patrick is stoked on Rosh Hashanah, Ray Barbee getting on Krooked, Last Resort AB Shoes, and Youness Amrani's Free Skate Mag interview.
Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, Heat vs Celtics Game 1, and Pete Thompson's book '93 Til.
Templeton is stoked on wheatpasting with his wife.

Find Jason on Twitter @carbonite1994 and on Instagram @frozenincarbonite and writing for Quartersnacks.
Find Mike on Twitter @mmunzenrider and on Instagram @mmunzenrider.

Find Templeton on Twitter @MostlySkate and on Instagram @mostlyskateboarding.

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