Sunday, October 06, 2019

October 6, 2019 Verso Edition Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

We dedicated our whole episode to Mark Suciu's new part, Verso. Listen below and subscribe on iTunes.

Kyle Beachy's piece on Verso
Village Psychic's piece on Verso
Billy Rohan's Blubba BS noseblunt
Suciu's early part skating to Ghostbusters
Rilly Rohan's Blubba BS Noseblunt
Hanging Out With Mark Suciu
Jeremy Klein's corner kickflip
Verso artist statement
Ricky Oyola in Eastern Exposures 3
Ricky Oyola Profile in 411VM #10
Kelvin Hoefler's In Passing for Street League

Mike is stoked on listening to music from skate videos.
Jason is stoked on the Nike X Ben G clip and Venture Trucks
Templeton is stoked on Autumn.

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