Thursday, May 25, 2017

Big Smoke

I typically think of Big Smoke as a nickname for London but some googling revealed that many cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney have all had that nickname as well. So think Australia and California montage is called Big Smoke and includes a who's who of Australian skateboarding from Shane O'neill and Tommy Fynn to Josh Pall and one of my favorite photogs, Jake Darwen.

Full cast is: Tommy Fynn, Jack Crook, James James, Andrew Brophy, Brendan Gardoll, Johnny Tang, Chase Jaeger, Adam Davies, Bryce Golder, Josh Pall, Nathan Jackson, Adam Moss, Paul Battlay, Elijah Robertson, Mitch Morrison, Jake Hayes, Beau Reid, Sam Atkins, Quayde Baker, Matthew Reilly, Corey Leso, Phil Marshall, Dean Palmer, Shane O'neill, Jake Darwen, and Alex Lawton.

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