Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Skatepark Art Wanted in Norfolk.

The City of Norfolk, Virginia seeks to commission an artist to create artwork for the new skate park.

       Artists are invited to submit qualifications to create a fun, bright, edgy piece that will serve as a signature marker for the park.  The exterior artwork should express to visitors the function and philosophy of the skate park and speak to the skateboarding community.  Skateboarding has served as an outlet for many over several decades and artists are encouraged to explore the history of skateboarding and skateboarding art.  The artwork should help elevate the sport and generate respect for skateboarding. The committee hopes the final art installation will be inspirational, dynamic and powerful as well as represent the people and subculture that will use the park.

Budget:                                            $76,000
Deadline for Submission:                1:00 PM EST, July 14, 2010
Project description to apply:  


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