Monday, May 18, 2009

Frame By Frame Teaser

Frame By Frame is a new video out of France that looks like it's gonna be a fun video. Peep the teaser.

"Who we are :
Behind The lens is a website of french friends who films skateboard and take photos. It's been a long time since we wanted to do a video together, and after a lot of discussion, we made this project : Frame by Frame.

the video :
We try to film "eastern exposure3" kind of street skating in france.
Each part will be edited by a different guy, a bit like in the "transworld cinematographer" video.
And to keep a unity in the video, each part will include "stop motion". (hence the name of the video)

This video will come out on dvd in autumn 2009 (if we find some sponsors), and may be on sale on the website (in a low price)."

1 comment:

HeadlessMonster said...

"Sweat and skateboard in gnarly French streets..." Awesome. And that wallie nollie 50-50 thingy? Clean. And, and, the stop-motion (it's called pixelation if you're using people) makes it even awesomer.