Monday, March 30, 2009

Mauro Caruso

I don't see much skating from Italy, but I wish I did cause Mauro Caruso is form there and he rips. Anybody out there know of some good Italian skate sites?

If you've got skills, submit something to the Skateboard Film Festival I hear they have lots of International submissions, but not a lot form the US.


HeadlessMonster said...

I believe in magic after watching this fella catch a kicky without his feet. I had to go back and watch it's a long shot down like 8 or seriously looks like the kickflip stops, then his feet catch it. Magical and tragical.

My two euro said...

you can get in touch with italy here: and, Mauro really rips, he stayed one year in the US skating and studying, he's back from like 6-8 months now.