Monday, February 09, 2009

Noel Boyt Part

This is the Noel Boyt part that never was. It was supposed to be in The Denver Shop's recent In Color. I'm fully backing his take on skateboarding.


Anonymous said...

This is one duder whom I wanna skate with. Skate and create! Isn't skating great? I don't even know what trick to about that ollie-up, step-off 1/4 flip drag to 50/50??? What the hell was that?! Awesome is what it was.

Anonymous said...

dude was sick but i wouldn't skate with him temper tantrums are for babies, that opener rocketed him to straight kook status

Richie said...

check out this part here

I think I could upload it elsewhere if you want. Let me know on facebook if so.