Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Norfolk Skatepark Design Input Day

Local skaters should mark their calender for November 22nd, the Design input day for the new skatepark. Personally I want all street style stuff. No bowls, no tranny at all. I'm gonna be pushing for a bank to ledge type thing seen in the screen grab below. You should all vote for that too.


CJ Congrove said...

Judging by their flier, it looks like the city expects the park to be a place for inverts, girls, and mobbed ollies...while I like two of those things, I would still expect there to be a fair amount of transition.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why no tranny? Living in a metropolitan area, I skate ledges, banks, stairs and the like all the time - at times I long for a little tranny...about 5'4" with mocha skin. ZING!

b rendan said...


i want to go.
nice post!

Anonymous said...

is a bank not transition?