Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hoodlum Promo

While I was watching this Hoodlum promo I got inspired to finally edit a new montage then it was over and I wasn't inspired anymore.


Tyler Roemer said...

I had to watch that (roof drop split action) a couple times, so funny!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Gary Smith still rippin'.

A bunch of us were skating the Federal Building in Baltimore ('94?), and these homies came out of nowhere, slugged me, chased the others, and grabbed the smallest of us, beat him a few times, and broke his board. We all collected ourselves where we parked and Gary comes out of the car and screams, "I'm a get medieval on their asses!" and whips out this weird chain/whip thing and runs around. Fucking funny as hell.

Good times, good times...