Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Bonus: TC3 Trailer

Traight Clownin' 3 is looking like it's gonna be a gnarly video. peep the trailer.


Anonymous said...

This ain't no artsy throw-away promo. This is 5 minutes of part-ending bangers. I remember getting my mind blown by the sheer volume of shred in their trailer of years past; and though this doesn't have the modest mouse, the tricks hold their own.

Nose-bonk backside flip? Fakie front bigspin lip? Back lips/smiths, and tres with style to match? Stoked, keep killing it!

And with that I must end my commenting career. I'm off to live the life of a monk for two years. Keep it up Temp, and thanks for all the work you put into maintaining this infallible blog.

Anonymous said...

I was all thinkin' great, another thuggy Lil' TI Jeezy part, but rips. All you fools kill it. Especially that double airwalk. Ill.