Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Love & Focus

Love & Focus is a video coming out of the Charlotte scene.

If you had trouble with yesterday's post try again with the new instructions, hopefully that works out for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I should've known by the thumbnail that this is another squashed video. Just keep the video in its original format ain't foolin' anyone.

I like videos with no music though. Just the beautiful sounds of shredding. "This is my dog."

Anonymous said...

Forget classical music and infant Einstein propaganda, my unborn children will listen to nothing but slowmo'd rails and bass-y bolt stomping.

Perhaps with a few indelible blips of unknown shredders catching their backside flips proper with an ever so satisfying thump.

The crew will probably get tired of my pregnant wife at the session, what with her calls for guacamole haagen dazs and distracting bounty of excess cleavage, but my kid'll be
pressure flipping by preschool.

Anonymous said...

...what? funny?