Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Zack Sorenson in HD

HD is the way of the future. Zack Sorenson knows it. See him get down in this edit from Revolution Ride Shop.


Anonymous said...

Remember when TV turned form black and white to color? Of course you don't you whippersnappers! Shoot, they filmed everything, people walking, a dog running, trains driving by, some snot-nosed brat eating waffles...people were mesmerized no matter what the content was - because it was viewed in living color. Same thing with HD nowadays...but with slow mo. *yawn*

CJ Congrove said...

Dolly + Slow Motion = HD

Tim Lamb said...

Number one you cant mess with facts Ceej.
number two that guy is my doppelganger only much much better
number three the filmer is hyped on his new cam but hasnt been able to afford a fish eye yet

all around im always happy to hear cj bitch about "hd"