Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend Bonus

I've come across a lot of good videos lately, so here is some overflow/stuff that I don't feel is totally worth it's own post.

First is a promo for Post 22's Issue 18.

Second is some park footage out of Texas.


RecklessRules said...

I like the photos of your blog with the skate.


Anonymous said...

Best promo ever. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Promo - gets my blood flowin'. I'm leaning more towards the wiggers title. Me and my girl was just sayin' the other day how nobody says wiggers anymore. I stand, or rather sit, corrected.

Park footy - *yawn* (getting sleepy) - !!! I awake to the rumbling sound of flat spots. Oh, it was nuthin'. *yawn*

GRIPSKI said...
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