Monday, August 18, 2008

All Talk Trailer

The Concrete Language hasn't put much up n a while. I guess they're saving the goods for All Talk which looks awesome judging from this trailer.


Anonymous said...

Easily the sickest biggie heel I've ever seen. Opening titles were world class,too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, diggin' the gfx. Reminds me of collecting spoons. You know that friend who's mom collects spoons from around the nation, or even the globe, and she has them on display at the bottom of the stairs and you and your buddy decide to do some stair shredding, and well, you get brave and decide to drop in from the top...spoons everywhere! She was so pissed. I wasn't allowed to stay for Stove Top later that day. But it was cool 'cause my other buddy was having Stove Top later that night. And I used a spoon from Utah. MURDER!