Friday, March 07, 2008

Battle of the Shops

Brad Rosado went down to the Battle Of The Shops and came back with a grip of sick footage from the contest. Looks like Gilbert Crockett's MVP award was well deserved but it looks like everyone was ripping pretty hard.


b rendan said...

Okay, so I am old and I certainly don't watch skateboarding like I used to. However, I found this video super awesome. I have always found good street-skate contest footage awesome. To me, it levels the playing field and really showcases style and grace. Sure, good street footage is great and mind blowing and all that, but it all comes at you fast and furious and with so many unknowns ("how much pushing space, how big it really is, etc"). With good contest skating you know everyone is forced to skate the exact same setups with all the exact same obstacles (difficulties) to getting the tricks (cracks, speed constraints, people in the way, etc). I really like the filming in this piece too. Plain, ordinary awesome skating. Period.

Tyler Roemer said...

Dang son! Brendan summed that one up, I couldn't have said it better myself, cool video.

Anonymous said...

Who's that one guy with the 2 eyes and a nose on his face??? That dude ripped it. Seriously. I ain't lyin'. Think I am? Well, I DO like to lie.