Friday, February 01, 2008


I've been out of work for a few months now, and while this gives me more time to skate and hang with bros, I still need money to put gas in my car and get food to eat. Instead of putting some ugly adsense on my blog that no one is going to click on, I figured someone out there might be interested in buying some advertising space. If you or your company wants to advertise on MostlySkateboarding, hit me up and we'll work something out. E-mail me at


EAT PUSSY! said...

These sites should pay you already:

# HaveBoard
# Skate AZ
# C Skate
# Skate Daily
# Quarter Snacks
# Pavement Trout
# The Skate Kitchen
# Hey Day Skateboarding
# Skateboarding Europe
# Tacky World
# Thrasher
# Slap


Just kidding... good luck man. I hope the ad stuff works out.


CJ Congrove said...

Dang... whats my bill?

Anonymous said...

weak, don't do that shit. you serious want to pollute this core site with corporate propaganda.

Anonymous said...

sites above don't owe you shit, matter of fact, no one does. you got a free fucking blogspot where you post other peoples work on it, go sell drugs or some shit if you need extra money. sorry if it's harsh but no ones giving you money when you can't even put money in it yourself

Anonymous said...

email me from the email address on my site

Anonymous said...

What do you think in occasion of this site?

It seems to me, that it not bad skate shop

Anonymous said...

email me I might want to buy space, eventually.

my blog

Anonymous said...

$ - ?!?! Bullshit.