Monday, September 03, 2007

Viewpoint Friends

Friends sections are always fun. This one starts off with Joe Fernandez, then John Waterfield with the crook on that rail. Next, Gordon Eckler came down for a few days and got a few tricks. Julian Ethridge has always been good and his tricks here are no exception. Art Lisi busted out the BS Flip at White six pretty easily, I wish I had gotten more of the 29 guys on film. Kevin Booker was talking shit about how great his studded Hurley belt was back then, now he brags about his $200 sweatshirts. I think that was Bob Reynolds doing that 5-0 at Rampage Skatepark, but I'm not sure. Graham Bickerstaff showed Tyler and I around in Atlanta and got a few clips for the video too. Kevin Manning was always at the session, so I had to throw that pop-shuvit in there. I never skated with Sketch much, but whenever I did he busted out. I think all of Ty Rohde's footage was from one day in Winston-Salem when Tyler where on our way back from Spring Break in Atlanta. I tagged along on various missions to get those few Kyle Berard clips. Mike Beiter did that BSTS on a broken board on one of the first days I ever skated with him. Neal Wood was just 15 years old when we got this footage. He was so stoked to film with someone with a good camera, he always got gnarly. Switch FS Noseslide on MGB is still sick. I'm still pretty stoked on my footage from Viewpoint. I think the BS Smith at Welfare is the best trick I have ever done. John Chaplain should have had a full part but he was always bugging me for sponsor-me tapes so I figured everyone had already seen his footage. He ended the Friends section nicely though. Sorry fro all the rambling, but there are a lot of memories in this section.


Charley Feher said...

Is there anyway we can get a copy of this on a digital video disc?

Anonymous said...

Joe Fernandez footy is golden! Style for ages. Great clip. Who all had parts in Viewpoint???

Anonymous said...


What happened to Kyle Berard?