Friday, March 17, 2006

Born Dead

Blood, Beer Coffins, Rollerblader Sacrefice, Pools, Rails, Slams, Chicks Shot Gunning Beers, Footplants, El Toro, Vampires, Spiders, Skateparks...The new Creature Promo Born Dead


Anonymous said...

totally ghoulish!

Anonymous said...

that shit looked rad. we stayed with Josh Perkins at Rye airfield when we did a demo there. The dude is a really sincere guy. You appreciate that in skateboarding. I didnt know he was such a handrail skater though. I remember seeing him do a 5-0 down a 22 stair in a recent skateboard mag and that was all ive seen of him until this promo, he 50-50s the same rail in the promo. Oh well im rambling haha. my point- psyched on this vid, pysched on seeing stuff of Josh Perkins.