Sunday, December 10, 2023

Knox & Delfino SOTY Resumes and Filmer/Skater Duos. December 10, 2023. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast.

This week, Templeton Elliott, Mike Munzenrider, and Jason From Frozen in Carbonite are talking about Tom Knox and Pedro Delfino's new SOTY bid parts and skater/filmer duos. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Atlantic Drift 11
Zakk Wylde pinch harmonics
Mama I'm Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne
Nyjah's ramp to rail part, Need That
Roomies from 411VM #38
Ricky Oyola in Eastern Exposure III
Strobeck's Pigeon
Sean Sheffey in A Soldier's Story
Jovontae Turner on The Nine Club
Real Since Day One (Playlist)
Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Jimmy Pelletier is the DC filmer I couldn't think of

This week, Mike continues to be stoked on the Minnesota Timberwolves, mild weather, and good kickflips.
Jason is stoked on Venture TrucksBrian Reid pro for DGK, new Call of Duty Warzone map Urzikstan, and Cory Rosson's THIRD WORLD CUNTRY video.Templeton is stoked on Naughty Ride by DJ Datcyde ft. MC Blaise. Shoutout to Al Brown and @crookshuv for bringing it to my attention.

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Justin said...

It's weird listening to this after a week of new SOTY parts.

I think the Tom Knox part might have functioned better if they had just used the Glenn Branca song for the full part instead of having two songs. There is precedent since they used a full Cluster song for his part at St. Paul's Cathedral. I don't hate on Tom, but I don't really dig his skating or even some of his sponsors.

Pedro could've used a better song. At this point Ozzy feels tired and old. There are so many other metal options if he wanted to go with that genre. I liked the ollie to grind at the Pyramid Ledges. I think Pedro's part has been teased for a year or two.

I'd go with Tony Hawk or Miles Silvas for SOTY at this point. (12/15/2023 - 1:20 PM EST)

A minute into the Limosine video there was a commercial for baby food and high end perfume. Two seconds later the kids are setting shit on fire and getting drunk. The perfume ad was not awful, but the baby food was too strange.

My one knock on Jamie is that he picks clich├ęd popular or basic songs. You can't do everything well.

Chris Gregson deserves a ton of credit for filming literally all of the transition skateboarding. He must really love skateboarding to have the energy left to film a part of his own skating on ramps.