Thursday, August 31, 2006

KOTR Teaser

This years KOTR should be pretty good. Consider yourself teased.

Random Kreme

Midwestern board company Kreme Skateboards brings us Random 1.7. I think it's their best yet.

Share Biebel's air

If you can't be bothered to download the ipod version of the Hanging with Biebel video that's floating around I suggest watching it here. If you couldn't tell it's just a big add for Panasonic.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Black Rabbit

Some skaters in the Czech Republic made Black Rabbit 2 and Kingpin put the whole thing on their website.

Machnau's 411 part

The good people at Globe have posted Paul Machnau's recent 411 video part. Dude is gnarly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blueprint's Big Push Teaser

The Big Push puts 4 British skate teams on the road for a time getting footage along the way. Each team takes that footage and creates a montage which is put on DVD and given away free with Document Magazines. Then everyone votes on who had the sickest video. Blueprint gives us a taste of their footage in this little teaser. Death Skateboards put their teaser on YouTube.

Zero Wins KOTR again!

Yup, a Zero threepeat. Check this blog post for more info on how the scores got tallied. Via: Thrasher.

Trashmore Update

The cops have a lead on the Mount Trashmore bowl burning case. Apparently a 17 year old boy who was partying near the park could be the culprit. Video via: 757.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Summer Snacks

New York's Quarter Snacks comes through with another nice montage.

Nouvelle Vague

I'm not usually one to say you should listen to this band or that band, but I highly recomend checking our Nouvelle Vague. They cover old punk and new wave songs in a style you wouldn't expect. Listen to their cover of the Buzzcock's Ever Fallen in Love and see what I mean.

Vehicle Footage

With a new website in the works Vehicle posted some old footage to hold us over.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fast British Skatboarding

Edward Belvedere skates fast for The Harmony.

Who Cares trailer

I know the Alis video Who Cares came out a while ago but I doubt any of you have ever seen it so this trailer is still pretty cool.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back to the Banks coverage

Contests on real street are awesome. Here's some footage of the Back To The Banks contest from last weekend. Photos here.

World Ams

Without a pro team World Industies Am squad has to step it up. Too bad they'll never go pro.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Skate Plaza in Norfolk? I hope so...

Fourteen year old Norfolk skater Sebastian Stant is pushing for a Skate Plaza in Norfolk. I hope we can make it happen. Article here, via: 757.

Our Life from Oakley

Oakley makes sunglasses But now they are starting to make videos. Our Life focuses on their skate team and from the trailer it looks like it will be pretty sick.

Dan Plunkett's Nobyl part

Here is a nice mellow video part form Dan Plunkett from Noybl Skateboards. Via: C Skate.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Terf Life Rebirth

The once sidelined video project Terf Life is back on track. It should be pretty good.

We turned one today

On this day one year ago I made the first Mostly Skateboarding post. It's been fun. Hopefully I can keep it up and maybe even do some more stuff. Thanks for all the support and links and comments. Most importantly, thanks to all the sites out there that post footage.

Rockvam Trailer.

Here's another Elementality V.2 trailer featuring a few of Dallas Rockvam's tricks.

Bryan F. Peterson Photography

I stumbled upon Bryan F. Peterson's portfolio today and I think it's some of the most inspiring stuff I've seen in a while. The Motion stuff is really great.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Thanks Skate Daily

I just found out that Mostly Skateboarding is the site of the Week over at Skate Daily. So thanks to those guys for sending people this way. For all the new readers. Feel free to make comments and I highly suggest checking out the archives.

Ridin Dirty Recap

Typically a tour video wouldn't be worth posting but the Vans Riding Dirty tour video is pretty damn sick. It's also availible as a podcast from Vans.

Filmbot Fridays on Monday

Incase you missed it on friday like I did here's the Filmbot Fridays clip from Transworld.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Static III Trailer

OK, your gonna have to work for this one. Go to this site, then click on the Uncorruptibles poster, then click on Josh Stewert's name. If anyone can get a direct link I'd really appreciate it. This Flash shit is rediculous!

Split Europe

It's weird how there is a whole other industry in Europe. Split has a Europen team and Dany Hamard is on it.

Irvine Sucks Montage 6

We can always count on the Irvine guys to come through with a sick montage.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

4 Duos Texas Montage

Texas is a big state but not a lot of web skate coverage. is the only one I know of. After years of posting single tricks they have finally posted a montage. It's also availible on itunes and YouTube.

Way of the Warriors

Take 2 weeks to create a video with your crew and enter it to compete with other crews and you have Way Of The Warriors. The Wet Boys won it last year.

KOTR Updates

Keep your eyes on this page for all the latest news on Thrasher's King of the Road '06. Is this the year that Zero will fall?

Trashmore Fire Footy

Thanks to CJ for sending me this link to a news report on the Mount Trashmore skatepark fire. You can see form the footage tha tthe bowl made for a pretty epic bonfire.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trashmore Burns

Apparently old skatepark burned down early this morning. The new park is fine. Officials say it could have been caused by lightning or arson. I personally suspect the Daggers.

After looking more closly at the photo and realizing that the old half pipe form the 80s has been gone for a while I realized this is the bowl.

It looks like about half of the park has been damaged and the park has been closed indefinitely.

WTKR's coverage of the fire.

Element Europe Commercial

Here's a few tricks from the Element Europe team.

Monkey Say #9

The latest issue of Monkey Say is now online.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hosoi Trailer

Here is the trailer for Rising Sun. Don't forget to see the premiere at Mt. Trashmore exactly one week from today. Via: Document Magazine.

New Kreme Montage

There hasn't been much form the Kreme crew, I guess they have been saving the footy for this montage.

Snata Cruz in AZ part 2

Part 2 of The Santa Cruz team's trip to Arizona.

Roboto Montago

I had a weird dream that I was interviewing Sierra Fellers last night. Anyway, Check him and other dudes out in the Mr Roboto Montage from Calumonn.

Monday, August 14, 2006

New P-Rod Add for Nike

Here's a pretty interesting commercial for Nike SB. You gotta love high production values. Check the behind the scenes too. Via: Platinum Seagulls.

411VS Recap

The 411 VS contest is over and Haslam won it. Watch this recap clip to see all the tricks.

E-Molli from Scandanavia

Scandanavia is holding it down! Check out the trailer for E-Molli. Via: Kingpin.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Elementality V.2

Dallas Rockvam makes his debut in the new Element Promo, Elementality V.2. Colt Cannon and Jake Rupp won't be in the video because they got the boot. News Via: Slap.

Finelines from Germany.

The makers of Korean Dance, Fine Line Media, have a nice site with soem examples of their work. Hello 21 & Lakai Germany.

Adidas Europe goes to Korea

You've probably never heard of anyone on the European Adidas team, but you should still watch Korean Dance and check them out. I had to download the VLC Player in order to watch the file.

Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies

French skate magazine Sugar, brings us the classic Blind promo, Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Display Trailer from Sun Diego

The last 2 Sun Diego videos where pretty good. On Display looks like it is building on that foundation. Via: Skate Daily.

New Boards from Markovich

Kris Markovich just started Crimson Skateboards. The team is pretty decent. I wonder how long it will last though. Via: Cowtown.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

South Skate's latest

Check out the latest montage from the guys at South Skate.

Rowley Vans Commercial (Long Version)

Film Maker French Fred Mortagne has just posted a long version of his Geoff Rowley Vans Commercial.

Adio Demo TODAY

Don't forget about the Adio Demo today at Mt. Trashmore around 5PM.

Jason Wear, Where are you?

Apparently Jason Wear went MIA a while back with rumers flying around as to what he' s up to now. Quarter Snacks has a nice retrospective of the man himself.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New 1st and Hope Trailer

I've been hearing about
First & Hope for well over 2 years now. The new trailer looks sick. I hope the full length film is as good, but you never know when you get some surf dudes involved.

Hosoi Documentary at Trashmore

August 22nd , Rising Son: The story of Christian Hosoi will be playing at Mt Trashmore. There will also be a demo featuring all the Quiksilver heavy hitters too. More info and tour dates at Transworld.

Razor Sharp Crew

Razor Sharp Crew has some pretty heavy hitting members. Check the Montage. Via: Upful Hardware.