Friday, March 16, 2018

Grand In Barcelona

To mark the release of their latest gear, Grand Collection went to Barcelona for a month with Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Brian Delaney, Dana Ericson, Zeb Weisman, and Nick Ferro.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sasha Tushev

Steezy Russian, Sasha Tushev has a mean nollie heel and plenty more. Check out his latest footage in this part for Footwork Skateboards. Via: Free.

This Is Not The New Grey Area Video

Nowhere claims not to be the new Grey Area video but it comes from the same location: Poland and the same filmer: Kuba Kaczmarczyk and features many of the same dudes. Whatever it is or isn't, It's gonna be good. Expect footage from Kris Poskrobko, Michal Juras, Tomek Ziolkowski, Danny Fuenzalida, Danijel Stankovic, Michal Przybylowicz, Franek, Kuba, and many more. Via: Free.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New From Chris Mulhern

I've been a fan of Chris Mulhern's work for years and to see he's got a new full length in the works is very exciting. It is called Untitled 002 and features Mark Del Negro, Joey O’Brien, Nate Pezzillo, Dylan Sourbeer, Ishod Wair, Kevin Liedtke, Kevin Lowry, Brian Douglas, Justin Adeniran, Brian Panebianco, Pat Heid, Yaje Popson, Matt Militano and Ricky Geiger. Via: Transworld


You aren't likely to recognize many names in Peter Lindberg's new clip, Homework, but I'll be a few will rise in prominence over the next few years. Those guys are Siggi P, Igor Feklistoff, Micke Marklund, Bastian Rytter, Douglas Meurling, Kristyan Nicholson, Kalle Eriksson, Mads Schumacher Nielsen, Carl Åström, Casper Munkholm, Will Bradley, Jesper Ferrari, and Søren Noe. Via: Place.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pat Roberts and Shaun Paul in Bread & Butter

Melbourne stands up as Pat Roberts and Shaun Paul form like Voltron in their shared part for Bread & Butter. Buy the DVD here if you are so inclined. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Skate Mental's Euro Dudes

Skate Mental just dropped a music-free montage from their euro dudes that is a certified barn burner. I'm a long-time appreciator of Adrian Del Campo who kicks it off followed by Fernando Bramsmark, Karsten Kleppan, and Wieger Van Wageningen. The surprise ender goes to Giorgi Balkhamishvili, who was previously unknown to me but makes one hell of a first impression.


JETLAGBROTHERS is a new brand with a heavy team including Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Rodrigo TX, Raul Navarro, Tommy May and Gunes Ozdogan. The team went to Malaga to film this clip.

Euro Vans In Israel

Joseph Biais, Mickael Germond, Val Bauer, Quentin Boillon, and John Purcell headed to Israel for Vans and came back with Gordon Beach Boys. Live Skateboard Media has a photo gallery from the trip as well.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Mantaro Tokura on Lesque

Lesque, one of my favorite Japanese brands, just added Mantaro Tokura to the team. This welcome video serves to bring the news to the people.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Politic - Transmission One

Politic just dropped a new clip called Transmission One with Jonathan Ettman, Ross Norman, Zach Dykes, Brian Powderly, and Dave Caddo.

Supermix Trailer

Thailand's Preduce Skateboards is releasing their video Supermix, on Friday, March 16. For now, enjoy the trailer. Features: Absar Lebeh, Jasper Dohrs, Aod Suriyan, Fifa Tintan, Geng Jakkarin, Joseph Sirinut, Lert Saeri, Tao Kitpullap, Kyle Brown, Demit Cuevas, and Levi Adams.