Monday, August 31, 2015

Raccoon Alley

Blue Tile Lounge brings us a new montage called Raccoon Alley featuring Nolan Waller, Pat O'rourke, Morgan Smith, Joe Yates, Nugget Moore and Bobby DeKeyzer

Thursday, August 27, 2015

John Cardiel Mostly Skateboarding Podcast #010

After last episode's story about John Cardiel, I was able to make contact with Cardiel himself and get a couple of great stories out of him. Listen here and subscribe in iTunes. If you like the podcast rate and review it in iTunes. That really helps people find the podcast. 

Below is footage of the carwash session (starting 39 seconds in) and the resulting Spitfire ad.

For this episode I recommended a Time Magazine slideshow featuring the work of Stuart Palley who has been photographing wildfires at night for the past two years.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Outer Limits Premiere This Friday

Seattle will play host to the premiere of Outer Limits, a northwest skate video of classically paired VX-1000 and 16mm footage. So roll out to the Northwest Film Forum at 1515 12th Ave Seattle, WA this Friday, August 28th at 8PM with $5 in hand to get in and see what's up. 

Brian Downey In Local Express

Cafe Creme brings us Brian Downey's part from Local Express and a full interview at their website. Get the full video here.

Dude Life

Watch Dude Life, Chicago internet friends and friends of friends and their St. Louis friends.

Romain Grobety and Greg Wicky in Yes Papa

Swiss board concern, Thanks Skateboards just put Romain Grobety and Greg Wicky shared part from in Yes Papa online. With all the guests, it feels more like a montage with Romain as the star. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meet At The God Hour

The 4 Skateboard Company's initial offering, In Good Company, still stands as one of the best internet skate promos ever so I get excited whenever something new pops up from these Australians. Meet At The God Hour isn't quite as good as their first video but still gets the blood going in a good way. Check out a nocturnal journey through the city with Louie Dodd, Casey Foley, Ricky Watt, Morgan Campbell, Mike Martin, and Harry Clark.


Filmer Colin Heindel brings us Building, a montage in two parts. It starts with raw east coast city shit then ends with a suburban hammer fest. It's kinda the best of both worlds of east coast skating. Featuring Brian Powderly, Justin Damer, Tyler Thomas, Christian Miller, Corey Huber, and Colin Heindel. Via: Recordings Of Boardings.

Manchester Mondays #4

Manchest Mondays comes in hot on Tuesday with their Joe Gavin's forth installment featuring: Ben Rowles, Matthew Nevitt, Dom Henry, Harry Lintell, Joe Gavin, Bruce Pouncey, Ben Grove, Neil Worthington, Jim Craven, Gary Woodward, John Bell, James Foster, Pablo Aresu, Ben Irvine, Victor McMahon, Zak Gold, Keanu Robson, Josh Collins,
and Nick Stansfield.

Monday, August 24, 2015

#VIDLAB Detroit

I don't check WiSkate nearly enough as evidenced by my linking to a video from May, but it only has 179 views and it pretty gnarly despite being a bro cam edit. See photos from the video over at WiSkate. Those guys kill it harder than most.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ten Years Of Mostly Skateboarding

I've been thinking about this post for months. The ten year anniversary of a blog seems like a big deal. Most people abandoned blogs years ago. I've never been one for celebrations or making a big deal of things so I'll just take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people out there putting skate videos on the internet for me to share, thanks to everyone who looks at this blog. Thanks to my wife for understanding my need to do this. Thanks to people who have given me a chance based on what they see from Mostly Skateboarding. Thanks to anyone who has shared Mostly Skateboarding with their friends or readers. I am just so thankful to be a part of skateboarding in my own little way. Hopefully Mostly Skateboarding has done something for you, gotten you stoked or informed maybe... Like I said, I'm not one for making a big deal of things so carry on and Mostly Skateboarding will carry on too.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Poorsport is some Florida shit. With Jean Aguilar, Tommy Bohn, Jesse Turley, Jake Goodrich, Dalton Dix, Billy Dunn, Tanner Tinsley, Caleb Hook, Chris Hardy, Ben Eubank, Travis Grant, Lam Le, Ethan Dupont, and Taylor McCrary.