Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Silas and Josh Matthews at Portland's new Hot Spot

Portland's newest hot spot gets a quick one-two punch from local pros Silas Baxter-Neal and Josh Matthews in Habitat's commercial for their Imaginary Beings series. 


One of the coolest things to hit the skateboarding internet lately is Azzuro, from my favorite Sicilian skater Mauro Caruso.  The video is just one component of this project, shot in two small, public art-filled villages on the island of Sicily.  Head over to Free Skate Mag for an interview with Caruso and a bunch of rad photos from Sam Ashley.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Johnny Wilson in Texas with Nike SB

Johnny Wilson went to Texas with Kevin Terpening, Kyron Davis, John Fitzgerald, Kevin Bradley, and Donovon Piscopo. This is what they came back with.


Italy's A Brief Glance and Cons teamed up on Caramello. It si a video of Felipe Bartolomé, Remy Taveira, Pietro Bontà, Ollie Lock, Jonas Hess, Jerome Campbell, and Mauro Caruso in Puglia, Italy. Be sure to read A Brief Glance #42 for the accompanying article.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Again from Grey & Nike SB UK

Grey Skate Mag hits us with Again, a grimy montage from the Nike SB UK team including Casper Brooker, Kyron Davis, Korahn Gayle, Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith, Mark Stern, and Kyle Wilson with appearances by Marc-A Barbier, Jason Caines, Will Creswick, JB Gillet and Dan West. Be sure to check out the accompanying photo gallery from Henry Kingsford.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Buzz Of A Cicada

Japan's Burden Skateboards just dropped a new montage with Kaito Murai, Roya Abe, Hiroyuki Matsuo, and Ryo Sejiri called Buzz Of A Cicada. Via: VHS Mag.

Jordan Coleman

Cruising Edinburgh and Glasgow, Jordan Coleman stands up for Scottland in this part for North Skate Mag.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Big Smoke

I typically think of Big Smoke as a nickname for London but some googling revealed that many cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney have all had that nickname as well. So think Australia and California montage is called Big Smoke and includes a who's who of Australian skateboarding from Shane O'neill and Tommy Fynn to Josh Pall and one of my favorite photogs, Jake Darwen.

Full cast is: Tommy Fynn, Jack Crook, James James, Andrew Brophy, Brendan Gardoll, Johnny Tang, Chase Jaeger, Adam Davies, Bryce Golder, Josh Pall, Nathan Jackson, Adam Moss, Paul Battlay, Elijah Robertson, Mitch Morrison, Jake Hayes, Beau Reid, Sam Atkins, Quayde Baker, Matthew Reilly, Corey Leso, Phil Marshall, Dean Palmer, Shane O'neill, Jake Darwen, and Alex Lawton.


Trendy skating from Bordeaux. CHURB is the latest offering from filmer Romain Batard featuring: Axel Thomas, Hugo Brillet, Armand Vaucher, Julian Thomas, Valentin Pasquet, Tom Poisson, and Ando Andony.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Sosh Highlight

Competition is a good excuse to get people together and motivate them to do their best. Sosh Highlight is a contest requiring riders and filmers to make a video with just a smartphone. Creativity and the streets are key. Nassim Guammaz took top honors for getting buck and having a clean edit. You can see all the edits here along with some photos and more info in French. I recommend Victor Pellegrin's 3rd place entry which is probably funny if you know French but you can kinda catch on to it through the visuals. Oscar Candon took 4th with some solid skating and some really well thought out editing and effects. Coming in 6th was Chris Pfanner whose skating is undeniable but the final product lacked the polish of some fo the others. Igor Fardin's 7th place video is an excellent comment on trends and an impressive feat of skating, doing the same tricks twice.


It is rare that I sit through an entire full length video but Sevenmad's Perfume held my attention for the full 30 minutes. A host of Madrid spot porn, torn apart by guys like Felipe Bartolome and Juan Virues and pieced together with a strong aesthetic by Roger Gonzalez. Perfume is well worth watching. Via: Kingpin.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shinya Nohara in The Raw-Fi Video

Cool Japanese spots, handrails, quick feet, straight up street skating. Lots to like in Shinya Nohara's part from The Raw-Fi Video. Via: VHS Mag.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Shin & Shogo

This on's kinda tough to watch but there is some good stuff in here including a pretty impressive ender. Please enjoy Shin Sanbongi and Shogo Zama. Via: VHS Mag.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pawnshop's Center Street Breakdown

Pawnshop is the home of Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald and they do appear in Center Street Breakdown but the rest of the team does the heavy lifting. The team is stacked, they are: Marco Jauregui, Cian Millheim , Joriel Munson, Carlos Fernandez, Temituoyo Oroye, Kevin Ibarra, Robert Paz, Ray Gabaldon, Levi, "Chino" Anthony Macias, Tony Meza, Yukiah Oberster, Ryan Rodriguez, Jonathan Seiberling, Joseph Campos, Patrick Ryan, Sam Baker, Spencer Cassel, Brandon Bond, Cameron Lucero, Josh Ramos, and Cornbread

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Russians in Cyprus

Russia's Asphalt Skate Magazine sent a group to Cyprus and they came back with this video. Features: Gosha Konyshev, Tolia Titaev, Yura Renov, Alexey Krasniy, Vladimir Pavlov, and Denis Yuzefovich.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fast Times & Lakai Welcome Tully West & Bol Lual

Two dudes, two sponsors. Fast Time skateshop in Melbourne and Lakai Footwear welcome Tully West & Bol Lual with this shared part.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Spoor 1

Rotterdam looks dope through the lens of Alex van Zwietering's VX in Spoor 1.

Features: Huib Verduijn den Boer, Justin Wagener, Marko Maricic, Buddy Swinkels, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Ritchie Eversteijn, Izzy McCoy, Sven van Kempen, Erik Wieten, Simon te G, Marc-Francis van den Arend, Kadir Kucuk, Thomas Burger, Bram Schlangen, Joey Verberkt, Rick Den Ouden and Gijs Visser.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

See Sydney with Nike SB Australia

Australia's batch of Nike SB riders come together in Cumberland County. Features: Charles Robertson, Jack O’Grady, Corey Young, Glenn Wignall, Bernie Foo, Rob Pace, Pete Solvyns, Beau Reid, Noah Nayef, Juan Onekawa, and Josh Pall.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Distant Planet

Terror Of Planet X just dropped a 15-minute video called Distant Planet. In it, Corey Huber skates at a level higher than expected and Adam Hribar shows a total disregard for his own safety. Everyone else holds it down proper too. This is a perfect watch before scouting out some crust this weekend.

Thursday, May 04, 2017


Another dope edit from New Zealand. Here we have Troubled from Aidan Rogers featuring : Kyle Svensen, Xavier Fenton, Zach Wheeler, Martin Harlow, Ross Emery, Sean Bone, Ben Playfair, Mikey Gibson, Ayrton Boot, Joe Edwards, Lee Edwards, Simon Rex Anderberg and Tai Wepa.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Street Patrol

Is calling your brand "Favorite Skateboard Company" a mental trick to become everyone's favorite skateboard company? Not that they need any manipulation. Their new 12 minute video, Street Patrol is awesome and serves as an introduction to new team rider, Joscha Aicher. He is backed up by the rest of the team: Daniel Ledermann, Thomas Eckert, Michel Funke, Valentin Ott, Patrick Freitag, Jonas Rosenbauer, Michi Heindl, Julian Geissinger , and Manu Wolff.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Pop London

A winter trip to London yields quite a video for the Pop Trading guys. Excellent music supervision too. 

Monday, May 01, 2017

Private Function

New Zealand's Majick Templeton brings us Private Function, a 13-minute video featuring: Mathieu Lucas, PJ Wybrow, Roscoe Moore, Hamish Morgan, Chunks Norton, David Chen, Tomoki Peters, and more.