Sunday, March 26, 2023

Shoe Talk. March 26, 2023. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason From Frozen in Carbonite are talking about shoes: what's new, what's coming, and what we want to see. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Atlas Forum ADV
Mike Arnold's Handball Top
Last Resort Milic Pro shoe
Nike SB Jordan 4
ASICS Skateboarding
Lenz III parts
Zion Wright's Zabha
Merrell Moab
1996 Eastbay Catalog skate shoe page
Airwalk Jason Lee
Airwalk Ones at Forever 21, not Payless
Sketchers 90's skate ad

This week, Jason is stoked on  Venture Trucks, Jake Todd’s Devil’s Pocket video, Clyde Singleton’s “WCRP” podcast with Dune & Stevie Williams, and Venue’s new video Ninety Four.
Patrick is stoked on Spitfire Wheels, Genesis 3, The Secret Tape, fundraising for Dr. Indigo Willing’s research/conference trip to the USA, Bill Buford “Among the Thugs”, and Alex Schmidt’s “Deliberate Intervention Using Policy and Design to Blunt the Harms of New Technology
Templeton is stoked on his dad's 80th birthday and Scumco's Striking Distance 2.


Sonny Black said...

Good show. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Celine Homme skate shoe. Unfortunately, it would probably cost $800.

Justin said...

I'm honestly not even sure what I want out of skateboard footwear any longer, beyond the specific well padded cupsole with a square or boxy toe in solid colors.

It seems like the days of skater owned companies are done and that's a damn shame. The ones that are plugging along are sort of stuck in a void where you want to support them because of the team, videos, history, etc., but the drawback is the shoes don't always have what made them appealing in the past.

We don't need another Brand X launching a skate team. It would be nice to have some new skater owned shoe brands with the same spark as the ones from twenty years ago.

My one knock on Last Resort is the same main thing I have against Vans. I understand the production cost aspect of cupsoles, but why would you want to skate in vulcs that will wear out quick and hurt your feet? I like the lack of branding and plainness of Last Resort. A kid did have a pair at the skatepark here and they looked sort of OK. They kind of look like clown shoes, if that makes sense. The color on the Milic model looks good.

There is no way Vans is losing money themselves. Literally everybody wears Vans so their profits have to be going someplace else in the corporate structure.

The Lakai cupsole on their more expensive kicks - the Mike Carroll reissue, the Fade, etc. - is solid. If they built a line of shoes around that it would be good, along the lines of how DC is tapping their tech shoe legacy. The sole they use on the Telford, the Brighton, etc. is too barebones and not good. The Telfords are overpadded in the heel and are strangely thin in the toe area. The Manchester basically never went away. They briefly had a Sheffield model that was an improved version of the Manchester. I'm kind of ticked they didn't keep the Sheffield going. It was the superior chilling shoe. Lakai should just make Socas and Sheffields. There is probably zero mass appeal to either of those designs.

I feel like such an old curmudgeon on still having the same 90s take that big shoe companies suck, but I can't shake it. Nothing they do appeals to me. Glen Friedman and I are gonna go yell at some clouds after work.