Thursday, December 30, 2021

John Marello, Bunny Hop Director. December 30, 2021. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast.

This week, Templeton Elliott and Jason From Frozen in Carbonite are interrupting their winter break to talk with John Marello, Director of Bunny Hop, the new Chocolate video. Listen here and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Neils Bennett Awake
Canaan Hernandez 
Colin Kennedy's Lakai X Pacifico commercial

This week, John is stoked on putting the video out and seeing reactions.
Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, Memory Lapse: Barcelona, the music of Dag Nasty.
Templeton is stoked on his Keen Revel IV boots.


Justin said...

It was good to get the info on Bunny Hop. I was also impressed with Stevie Perez's part. I figured that was why Vincent had the last part.

Chocolate Tour II is probably better off being left unmade. It won't meet the expectations.

It's cool to know Rick and Mike are still skating and very involved with their companies.

Dill said...

Rick and Mike seem pretty checked out - being in the office “twice a week” isn’t too entirely convincing - pretty tone deaf vacuum “life is good” video to come out during such crazy and weird times - Aikens isn’t enough to save what has become such a farcical zombie brand of a rotting corpse of Cali complacency - let’s take a step back and move on - absolutely adored Chocolate in the nineties - millennials just don’t/won’t get it