Sunday, October 18, 2020

Noah's and Hockey's New Videos. October 18, 2020. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week on the show, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Jason from Frozen in Carbonite are talking about new videos from Noah and Hockey. Listen below and subscribe in iTunes or Spotify.

Making Time No.16, Patrick's Jingle-Jangle playlist.
Vice interview with Brendan Babenzian
NY Observer's profile of Brendan Babenzian
Stussy's How Original
Zoo York Mixtape
Sole Tech's green campus
Sage Elsesser had a full ride scholarship to Pratt.

This week, Patrick is stoked on Spitfire WheelsMona Eltahawy’s Feminist Giant Newsletter, and Ultra Vivid Scene's Mercy Seat.
Jason is stoked on Venture Trucks, Star Wars: Squadrons, and the Pier 7 SF Instagram account.
Templeton is cautiously stoked on his new vest

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Find Templeton on Twitter @MostlySkate and on Instagram @mostlyskateboarding.

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