Friday, September 25, 2020

Remembering Huf and Chris Colbourn's Heatwave. September 27, 2020. Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

This week on the show, Templeton Elliott, Patrick Kigongo, and Mike Munzenrider take some time to remember Keith Hufnagel then have a quick chat about Chris Coulbourn's Heatwave part. Listen below and subscribe in iTunes or Spotify.

Joe Pease's Huf Ollie video
Donny Barley in Eastern Exposure III
Huf in Real's Non-Fiction
Premium Pete's Huf tribute
Dan Wolfe's Closure
Huf in FTC's Penal Code
Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking
NYC Montage from Eastern Exposure III
Universitat in Barcelona
Huf's kickflip at Black Rock
José Vadi's Huf tweet
Kyle Beachy's Huf appreciation thread 
Anthony Pappalardo's Huf obituary for Complex 
Huf X adidas ZX8000
Familia X DVS Huf shoe
Colin Kennedy's Huf ollies clip
Mike Carroll in Finally
Tiger City Fake Gold
Physics Wheels Dream Reality

Mike is stoked on his new Familia board and Spitfire Wheels. Mike's Setup tweet.
Templeton is stoked on the change of seasons to Fall.

Outro music this week is Mystery by Miles Davis

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