Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What's Important

WiSkate pointed us in the direction of What's Important, a twelve minute collection of midwestern spot butchery from the likes of Max Murphy and associates. Breakdown below.

Montage One: Jacob Mumford, Harald Reynolds, Alek Lockhart, Paul Carlson, Joey Braun, Chris Eicher, Vince Stranc, Max Murphy, Pat Murphy, Mike Beer, Drew Rickaby, Taylor Lalk and Nick Mistele

Montage Two: Paul Carlson, Tyler Schaefer, Taylor Schulz, Tim Drury, Blake Wollersheim, Geoff Hetzel, Ryne Kickbush, Carter Oeflein, Max Murphy and Taylor Lalk

Montage Three: Taylor Lalk, Geoff Hetzel, Paul Carlson, Harald Reynolds and Alek Lockhart

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