Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Pool Skating's Finnish Roots

On this week's 99% Invisible Podcast traces pool skating's roots past Southern California to its' true origin. This episode is presented in three parts. The first is your typical skateboard history lesson complete with Stacy Peralta and a cringy Jake Phelps. I understand that Phelps is the perfect skater stereotype character but I hate that he gets to be the spokesperson for skateboarding. Things get interesting in part two when producer Avery Trufleman seeks out and swims in the original Southern California kidney pool. Finally in part three Element Europe pro and architect Janne Saario makes an appearance as we learn about the alleged inspiration for that Southern California pool. This episode is a nice break from The Bunt and The Nine Club for all the skate pod people out there. I did want to correct one thing, Truffleman says "Thrasher is a skateboard magazine that skaters call The Bible". Thrasher calls themselves "The Bible" skaters just call it Thrasher. 

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