Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Sosh Highlight

Competition is a good excuse to get people together and motivate them to do their best. Sosh Highlight is a contest requiring riders and filmers to make a video with just a smartphone. Creativity and the streets are key. Nassim Guammaz took top honors for getting buck and having a clean edit. You can see all the edits here along with some photos and more info in French. I recommend Victor Pellegrin's 3rd place entry which is probably funny if you know French but you can kinda catch on to it through the visuals. Oscar Candon took 4th with some solid skating and some really well thought out editing and effects. Coming in 6th was Chris Pfanner whose skating is undeniable but the final product lacked the polish of some fo the others. Igor Fardin's 7th place video is an excellent comment on trends and an impressive feat of skating, doing the same tricks twice.

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