Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ten Years Of Mostly Skateboarding

I've been thinking about this post for months. The ten year anniversary of a blog seems like a big deal. Most people abandoned blogs years ago. I've never been one for celebrations or making a big deal of things so I'll just take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people out there putting skate videos on the internet for me to share, thanks to everyone who looks at this blog. Thanks to my wife for understanding my need to do this. Thanks to people who have given me a chance based on what they see from Mostly Skateboarding. Thanks to anyone who has shared Mostly Skateboarding with their friends or readers. I am just so thankful to be a part of skateboarding in my own little way. Hopefully Mostly Skateboarding has done something for you, gotten you stoked or informed maybe... Like I said, I'm not one for making a big deal of things so carry on and Mostly Skateboarding will carry on too.

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EAT PUSSY! said...

I thank you sir.