Friday, August 22, 2014

Nine Years Of Mostly Skateboarding

Today is the ninth anniversary of Mostly Skateboarding. A lot has happened over the past nine years. I got a job at The Skateboard Mag through Mostly Skateboarding. I got a writing gig just the other day through the blog too. I worked two crappy office jobs. Been unemployed twice, now being one of those times. I moved a few times, most recently to Portland. I got married. My cat died then we got two more cats. Nine years is a long time. I've made a lot of internet friends through Mostly Skateboarding. That's been the most unexpected thing. 

A lot has changed in the online skate world over those nine years. No one hosts their own videos anymore. Most people stopped making their own websites. HD became commonplace but the VX is still in use. A YouTube channel is good enough for most crews. Everyone is putting footage online making it harder to sift through the growing number of rad videos. When I started, no one was really aggregating skate videos. Now lots of people are, most notably, Hella Clips. Over the past nine years everyone got good. Like really good. With that my standards shifted and I started to get more and more picky. As more videos came, I started finding it harder and harder to find something I wanted to post. I think when it was harder to put videos online only the people who really wanted to where doing it. That barrier to entry saved us all from a lot of time watching shitty videos.  I posted Lem Villemin and Chris Pfanner videos back in 2007. I'm sure jake Donnelley was in that first Sunday video I posted in 2007 as well. I remember a Cory Kennedy video I posted before he hit is big with The Berrics. Danny Brady in 2006, I wish that link wasn't dead. 

I'm not sure what the future holds for Mostly Skateboarding but for now I'll continue posting the videos I find that meet my weird standard of decent skating, cool spots, and good filming. Thanks everyone for checking it out and keeping me inspired. Thanks especially to the guys making rad videos in different places. I started Mostly Skateboarding to bring exposure to scenes outside of the main hubs of skateboarding and I hope to continue doing that or something like that as things evolve. I've been loving Tumblr the past few years. Give Mostly Skateboarding a follow for more skate stuff from my point of view.

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