Monday, August 13, 2007


Duotone brings the heat with this montage from South America. I believe they are based in Brazil, but I can't read whatever language the site is written in.


skatenacional said...

Yes sir, they are based in Brazil, I know cuz I am from Brazil too. The site is written in Portuguese btw! :)

Fernando Granja said...

Hi! My name is Fernando Granja and i'm the guy who created the duotone video... ... the site is just some previews about the full dvd coming soon in november'07. the video call Duotone - Two tones & Two rippers ... parts with:
Rodrigo TX & Fabio Cristiano
Cezar Gordo & Bruno Aguero
Alex Carolino & Marcos Mama
Fernando Java & Diego Chaveiro


HeadlessMonster said...

Nice. That's why I'm a bit iffy when it comes to blunts. Them shits seizes-up my lungs!!!