Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trashmore Adio Demo

ADIO East Coast Skate Tour.

Wednesday August 9th. Signing at 17th St. at 2pm, then huge demo at the Skatepark at 5pm.

Most of the team will be there besides Hawk, Bam, and Shaun White. So no insane crowds and dumb kids.

Just pure sick skating by the likes Kenny Anderson, Jeremy Wray, Danny Montoya, Sumner, Ernie Torres, Joey Brezinski, Selego, S. Nesser, Chalmers and the ams. Nick Dompierre, Ryan Bobier, Chris Troy, Chris Roberts, Jose Rojo, and more. *Not all may be present but most will be

Come out and shred and watch and enjoy some amazing skateboarding. Call the beach shop at 17th Surf for further details.

Via: 757.


b rendan said...

Well, somebody better let Richie know.

HeadlessMonster said...

Missed it.