Friday, June 22, 2012

Skateboarding and Claes Oldenburg

Haveboard posted an article earlier this week about the damage skateboarders have been doing to a newly installed Claes Oldenburg sculpture in Philadelphia. Then I saw Mark Suciu skating Oldenburg's Mistos sculpture in Barcelona and it got me thinking. Oldenburg's sculptures have been skated all over the world. The smooth transitions and grindable edges are hard for us to resist. The bright colors and larger than life every day objects are so photogenic even basic tricks get run in the mags. The idea of skating common objects just like Pickle O'Shawnessey did in those old Transworlds is attractive to all of us who finger boarded our way through church and school.

 Guy Mariano landed a Skateboarder cover on Dropped Bowl With Scattered Pieces And Peels in Miami. Midwestern skate site, Cherry On A Spoon is a reference to Minneapolis's Spoon Bridge And Cherry. I'm sure at least a kickflip fakie has gone down on that thing. There are reports of people skating Cupid's Span in SF. Even with the power of google image search and The Chrome Ball Incident my vague memories of tricks on sculptures hasn't been able to sniff out more examples. Maybe your memory serves you better than mine and you can give me some hints and links to add to this post.

Thanks to Vince from Spohn Ranch for the Image of someone skating Cupid's Span.

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Anonymous said...

Except for Paint Torch (the most recent,) all the sculptures you mention are by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, not just Oldenburg.